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Q: How can I judge the correct tension for the bobbin?

A: The bad news is that it can be tricky the first time you do it. The good news is that it should hardly ever be necessary to do again—variations in thread thickness can usually be adjusted out with the top tension setting.

Here's the best way to go about it:

Thread the bobbin into the case as described in the manual—pages 9 to 11 for the 221.

You now need to adjust the tension screw -- the one nearest the thread outlet -- to provide resistance when the thread is pulled. Test for correct tension by hanging the bobbin case by the thread. With a gentle jerk of the wrist the thread should not pull out of the case. A less gentle jerk should move it just a little. I can't define "gentle" and "less gentle". A little experimentation is going to be necessary here


Q: I bought a replacement bobbin case which sometime flies out of the machine.

A: I bet this is a reproduction case rather than a genuine Singer one. However, try using it with another bobbin. If the flanges of a bobbin are bent out slightly they will prevent the case sitting properly in its base and the latch will not be secure.

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