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Q: What should I use to clean my Featherweight?

A: No simple answer here as it depends on how dirty it is.

If you have just rescued the machine from a dusty cellar where it has sat without a case then I'd recommend a gentle foaming cleaner called Tuff Stuff. It's made by STP and should be available at your auto store. I'd recommend waxing the machine afterwards—neutral boot polish from a Western outfitters is great for this. You want a hard wax, not a cream. Don't use a car wax—most of these have a degree of abrasive in them designed to remove traffic film—and some of the paint.

Always test any cleaner on a small, hidden part of a machine first to ensure there is no unexpected reaction

For regular daily cleaniing a simple spray-on furniture polish will do the trick. But mask off the tension assembly or the polish will build up there and avoid getting too much on the outside of the belt where the bobbin winder wheel runs.

Q: What about cleaning cases?

A: Tuff Stuff to the rescue again, but follow up with a black boot polish as this will help mask any rubbing on the case.

Q: What causes the odor that comes from my case?

A: This seems to be a particularly American problem. Perhaps it's to do with the glue used to attach the case lining or it might be because of more extremes of temperature or the fact that in the UK and Europe (please note that these are separate places) few houses have cellars or large garages and machines are invariably stored in the home.

Either way it's generally considered to be a fungus growing behind the lining.

Q: How do I get rid of the smell?

A: I've not a lot of experience here but I've read of cat litter and a product called One Drop (WalMart) being effective. More input please........

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