The chart is based on the incidence of machines that pass through my hands. The "No Problem" and "Good" classification machines are pretty certain to be in stock. "Difficult" and "Very Difficult" may be in stock but there's a chance that I'd have to suggest putting you on a waiting list.
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How great it would be to have a Singer Featherweight made on the very year you were born, or the year you graduated or when your child was born

Some years are easy, others difficult and, of course, many are impossible. Check the following chart for the possibilities of my finding specific year machines. I have vast stocks and am happy to sort through to find that special year for you











Year Standard 221 222 Freearm White/Green
Pre 1949 Difficult
1949 Good
1950 Good
1951 Good
1952 No Problem
1953 No Problem
1954 Difficult No Problem
1955 Good No Problem
1956 Good Good
1957 Good Good
1958 Very Difficult Very Difficult
1959 Very Difficult No Problem
1960 Good
!961 Good
1962 Very Good
1963 Very Difficult
1964 Very Difficult
1965 No problem