The end of the road

I’ve enjoyed selling the very best available Featherweights for over 15 years.
Sadly it all has to end.
Two reasons.

  1. My motor specialist, and ex-Singer man with the equipment he bought from the factory when it closed, is now in his 90s and, understandably, is finding it tough to do the difficult armature and field-coil rewinding necessary to properly recondition a motor.
  2. I’m not going to lower my standards and it’s becoming near impossible to find sufficient first-class machines to sustain the business.

To all those customers who supported me over the years (many became close friends), my thanks. It’s been a blast.
I’ll continue until the few remaining machine are gone and then probably sell the vast stock of spares that have accumulated over the years. I'll also try to source specially requested machines.

With at the top of every internet search engine, I’ve already had a number of interesting offers for the site.  Be assured that if the name continues it will be in the hands of someone who shares my love of these fantastic machines and who will maintain current standards

I aim to stick around the various digests, help with queries wherever I can and continue the life-time backup promised to my customers.

My final update which should include Centennials, Standard machines and 222 Freearms will go live here on October 15.

Graham Forsdyke

Sorry, no white/green machines made the grade

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